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Corkys BBQ in Nashville Tennessee.
GO and savor! This place is very good.
[hint: my score says #2 in America, could be #1 in ribs.]

First let me get this out of the way: they have deep fried corn on the cob and she brought me mine on a stick! Food on a stick and I’m not walking around a state fair! This novelty food was tasty after peeling away the fried breading. Later I was informed that I would have liked it better if I had eaten it while it was hot, but I had to get to the Ribs and Q immediately when served.

The meat re-defined tender & tasty.
The ribs were so tender even the bones were tender! I ate the bones! Yep, mongreled my way past the outer inch or so of the rib-bone, done without shame.
In some cultures it’s a complement to the cook to belch post-meal. I didn’t belch, just gnawed away at the smoked bones.

Dry rub or wet? Both, yee-haw! Thinking of the dry rub ribs is making my mouth water right now!
French fries were crisp outside and tender inside.
Nice hot vinegar sauce and red sauce.

I saw a fellow diner order tamales. Please explain.

If you are ever blessed with a reason to be in Nashville, Tennessee you can grace your palate with this meal.
We thank thee for this good food.
Bless those who prepared it.

ps: comments tell us that Corkys is located in more places than just Nashville! Christmas came early for me!
Thank You Corky May I Have Another?