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Apple Inside

This autumn the indy gentry ruralites find apple peelers to be all the rage. We’re not impressed. We’re so jaded genuine, nothing is new to us. We’re just eating fresh like Mamma showed us, before fresh eating got called...

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Eat Off the Floor

The latest trendiest epicurean experience involves being a local-vore while demonstrating how pristine yet down-to-earth one is. To document the result, here’s a photo of our chic culinary experience at Chez Tile, circa...

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Jackalope Dinner Special

This Blue Plate Dinner is a rare treat. Jackalope was a favorite meal of Dutch Reagan when he was down on the ranch. The Jackalope it is a hybrid of the pygmy-deer and a species of killer-rabbit. Reportedly, jackalopes are...

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Lay Gourmet

Sometimes it doesn’t take that much to turn something plain into something exceptional. The down home Elvis sandwich, the PB&B, the peanut butter & banana sandwich, is a blank canvas, a platform standing at the...

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fried food on a stick

Our roving reporter reached the State Fair: A field report from a concession booth, filed via cellular txt & image capture and transfer: “Thats a paper basket with a fried Reeses Cup, a fried Oreo, and a fried...

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Freedom for the Tomato-Eating Underground

Due to the 2008 salmonella outbreak and related fear mongering by the anti-veggie conspiracy and backseat-driving do-gooders, the Annual Sliced Tomato Rodeo is being posted a little late this year. The Officials have an...

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