Category: Saturday 24 / 7

Raven and full moon

Happy Halloween 2005Not a scary image but it has all the components: raven, full moon, remote coastal town (think of Hitchcocks “the Birds”). Maybe it’s not creepy due to blue sky, the lone bird is just hanging...

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Manure Basics

What will you do for your Saturday Bull Session? Figuratively shoot the bull or literally spread the manure? Decisions decisions . . . . There’s even a flower on the bag! Now that’s good...

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Mess o’Fish

photo below, from the top:1) Spanish Mackerel, caught trolling over the Betsy Ross ReefLORAN C-45504.1/61061.9 // GPS-32 03.427/080 24.8512) A large mouth surprise photo’d at the dock. I shot this one.With this camera. It...

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The episode in which we see how lack of attention led to a horrible transformation… and the panic of the emotionally frail Miss Lass. This character came out of the bush and scared our field correspondent so badly that the...

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long days of June, get out

Nice, nice, so very nice. Shiny-happy, clean, and, and yet . . . . . . something in this crisp perfection is oh-so less than satisfying. While the above table setting doesn’t reek of effort, it just doesn’t satisfy...

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Reserved for true honchos

There’s no folded “reserved” card on the table, but who would risk sitting down at this bench when someone – likely sticking out their elbows and not averse to confrontation – has made a territorial...

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all your fault

. . . and you know who you are . . . w.t.f. ? Who ever challenged you to do all THAT? . . . Jethro Bodine? Did you HAVE to juggle chairs??? Now what are we going to do? OK, OK, some praise for the effort: That was the best...

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paint party

Cue the “Tom Sawyer” Soundtrack. A party invitation arrived announcing the opportunity to whitewash the fence, or specifically in this case, to paint a wall or two. A leftover Marketing Department longsleeve T would...

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