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deer in the headlights (literally)

bontonmobile: 1 Bambi: 0 OH! Stop the “save the whale” righteous indignation over Bambi. It’s not like the bontonmobile actually won anything. Here’s how it went down: There were two deer in the road and...

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got bunk?

And so begins another year on the road, thus sayeth bunkbonton. Photo taken at 55mph on a dirty backroad. We’ve come a long way bay-bee. Now we have blankets! It’s fun to review and reflect and wonder what we were...

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pushing our luck but still rated G

Our Euro-trash buds have it right in their rhyme from eastern Bohemia about summer carefree-ness, “no need to reason in cucumber season” Photo taken at sunrise. The light was coming through the windshield. In a...

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I Loved the Road

Once I loved the road, got a charge out of road tripping, driving and singing with my elbow out the window, going elsewhere, driving around to see what’s going on … but … Love Hurts! OMG! In case the glare is...

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(didn’t) eat in a train car

$6.95 All You can Eat Buffet Eat in a train car! (But it turned into a circus train.) Somewhere beside the train tracks with weeds growing up through the railroad ties. Before we went inside we saw the first old person using a...

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Castro-mobile parked in Fidel Field

So what? Maybe we weren’t playing dominoes in Cuba the day Fidel Castro announced he would stand down, but in a turquoise car, with plenty of salt on the rim, and sand on the mini-whitewall tires, who could know whether or not...

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the buzzards are circling

Just in time for Xmas (that’s Christmas for Goths): Well, they’re clear about their inventory. Somehow makes me want to check my closets for anything missing. (been feelin’ pretty...

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Jaco’s Spit & Argue Club

Here’s one of those things that ya drive past, then ten seconds down the road it clicks and you ask yourself, “What was that!?!” No other traffic around here, so we did a prompt u-turn. If we didn’t check this out it might...

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wienermobile summer tour

What a country! We’ve got it all, don’t we? . . . Hey, uh, we do have it all, um, don’t we? This summer teams up a professional driver with a suited PR man from HQ on a mission with a giant wiener, to spew a big red carbon...

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highway forty-one revisited

Gather thy web content as thou art able, for one never knows when uncertainties of life or love may crash down on your head. Not that the lack of a clear and certain path has ever hindered a bonnie-tonnie rambling walkabout....

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Cooter aplenty in ’07

Before our “always rated “G” assurance rating is revoked, we must spell out: cooter is a southeastern US slang for “snapping turtles.” From the website advertised above: “The very first Carolina...

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