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Gulf Oil, interactive map of

How much oil is in the Gulf (so far)? This interactive map will bring it home to you. Using Hilton Head Island as a center, the surface oil slick covers a precious amount of irreplaceable beauty: Nothing funny about this post....

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River Iris with Rush

got on a wiki jag while thinking about flowers . . . “Green grow the rushes go The compass points the worker’s home” – REM, “Green Grow The Rushes” The word “iris” has three main meanings,...

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one to one correspondence

One to one correspondence That’s a favorite term for me, learned it in first grade and it sounded so big and important that I tried it out that night at the dinner table – without ceasing, as first grade chirrens...

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Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Feb 24, 2009 is both Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras and the 53rd birthday of Steve Jobs, the man who out-Disneyed Disney (with Pixar), who was a $1 a year iCEO (where i = interim) when it was the coolest coincidence in the world...

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