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Automatic + 14 years

“Hey kids, rock and roll Nobody tells you where to go, baby” We got to this lunch place not a moment too soon – it was 3PM on a random Tuesday afternoon, late for lunch but perfect timing for the last of the unsweet tea mixed...

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a bonton does Manhattan

This just in from our studiobonton New York City field correspondent: It is a good time of year to be in the city. Those hot summer smells are long gone, the Hamptons aren’t beckoning (not in the same way as in June) so now we...

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please enjoy a towel

We made it to “Long Bay” as I was informed. Featuring an asymmetrical diurnal tide (twice a day but not at equal heights). exclusive view from the bigbonton suite _6/21/06_ Tee Off! Overheard: / Him to Her:...

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Shealor Lake

Located between the San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe, this snow-melt lake is as secluded as a fortress; behind the camera is a steep ridge line, the only access. At night we reclined on warm rocks. Sometimes things just click...

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Scene of a wedding

This is why I have not posted in a week:click to enlarge in new window (large file)Not only was I been busy with the logistics,but I’ve also had to cope with the mental aspectsof the whole shebang.Someone else got to go to...

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National Wild and Scenic Rivers, SC & NC

Such as the Chattooga, the Nantahala, and the to enlarge in new windowCount the 7 hill ranges – the last one is faint, on the horizon.We swam in several rivers, camped, hiked along ridgelines and...

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