This is a very good West Coast Smoked Pork plate.

The thing is, the whole place has a southern Good Ol’Boy theme. Does this make it a West Coast Q joint or a solid knock-off of Dixie Q?
Imitation is sincere flattery. The lack of anything Californian tells us Minnie pleads nolo contest that good Q is a Southern Thing.

Located on Haight Street in San Fran, Memphis Minnie earns a big A-OK. Smoked pork with that halo / stripe of red; corn muffin; tart cole slaw; the greens were NOT like Mamas, but whatcha’ goin’ ta do . . . we hung around post-Q and drank so much sweet tea that I ’bout popped.

Even the T-shirts were tempting:
“best butt in California” & “happiness is a dead pig and a pile of wood”.
Good Q in the Haight, who’d a thunk it? Seems healthy too, not overly heavy.
[Later we rated this as the #2 Best Overall – Meat Only Category BBQ in America! Congrats.]