The name of this joint has been changed to K & C protect the innocent.
This BBQ place was no good but we’ll not bust them too badly, perhaps I was cranky and in a bad mood . . . but probably it was not us, it was them.
One Saturday we went to the K & C location on Abercorn looking to fill up ourselves with some BBQ. Located in a strip mall in the shopping area near the Bass Pro Shop, we figured we’d found a source of good ol’boy Q. The restaurant itself is typical, could be any family eating joint on any Saturday in Anywhere, Georgia. No sign of BBQ-ing smoke, plenty of tobacco in the air though. No matter, we weren’t feeling picky, we were hungry. The Q didn’t have to be smoked. Bring it on, we’re ready for some good Saturday afternoon BBQ!
We took our table and ordered iced tea.
The waitress: “sweet or unsweet?”.

Unsweet for me, I wanted a good caffeine buzz without too much sugar buzz.
The waitress: “Are you all from up north?
Me: (blank stare, thinking) Huh? Where’d that come from? I felt some heat under my collar.
The waitress: Well you all must be from up North since you got unsweet tea.
Me: (blank stare, thinking) I get it, but where’d that come from? Uh, yes, my chow partner is from north of the Savannah River, he’s from South Carolina. Way up yonder in the “Succession State” Not exactly Yankee-Land.
She left to get the tea. The oh so unusual unsweetened tea.
Great, we’re pissed off by a BBQ waitress on a Saturday afternoon. Why did she even ask sweet or unsweet if it’s such an issue. She’s just setting us up so she could pick on us. Maybe we’re just cranky from being hungry. Let it ride. My sweetie used to tell me that I got cranky when I got hungry.
My chow partner got a BBQ plate and I went full on for ribs.
The plate came to the table in about 2 minutes. The ribs didn’t.
The BBQ plate cooled off while my chow partner waited politely to start.
We asked the waitress about the ribs.
Me: Ribs. When?
The waitress: Oh? You didn’t get your ribs?
Me: “Um, No, M’am.” (thinking) I’ll only get them if you bring them, darlin’.
Chow partner ate. I waited.
Ribs arrived. The sauce looked good. The ribs didn’t. And they weren’t.
Good ribs: tender, meat falling off the bone. Bones so tender on the ends you can munch them.
K & C Ribs: Tough, fatty, and not tasty except the sauce – which I cannot even recall.
After trying to get a meal out of the most expensive thing on the menu I had more food stuck in my teeth than in my belly.
Maybe their other location is better.
Or maybe this is a good place to hang out, smoke Winstons, and drink sweet tea.
Enjoy, if that’s what you’re into!