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A plate full on a cold Sunday.
* Smoked tenderloin medallions, cut thick like a 1970s medallion worn with a turtleneck and sportcoat.
* Turnip greens – plenty tasty when properly seasoned, and she was.
* Pinto beans – oh so well seasoned.
* Extra smoked pork to stretch the tenderloin – worked out great.
* Corn de la cob.
* And iced tea and rice, rice, of course rice is on the plate.
– We have so much in common with Asians, we eat rice daily and we worship our ancestors too.

What is dinner anyway? A big lunch? Then what is Supper? Dinner?
I know breakfast, lunch, dinner. Call me for Supper sometime, OK?

This table can be seen in the
Hollywood-blockbuster-film-event “The Prince of Tides”,
it’s the family table in that film.
But maybe you recognized it already.