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What to say about this? Where to start?
There are so many things waiting to be said: the beauty, the planned landscape, the gate – since we’re on the outside. The first step in starting down this path in the photo would be to jump the fence and that’d be a bad start.
I’m also not going to start on the path of plantations and the social injustice emails that’d lead to.

Much of the natural resources I had access to growing up is now gated. Beach access, forests, boat landings, once open land is now posted private property. In the past I knew that someone owned it, but population growth and density cause us to draw lines so we know this is for me and mine, that is for you and yours.
Look to more densely populated Japan and India, I suppose we still have plenty of wide open spaces in the USA.
But when you get right down to it, this photo is just a pretty driveway.
I’m not sure why I’m thinking of over-population and the socio-economics of haves (plantations) compared to have-nots (trailer parks).
Maybe another cuppa-Tea is in order this morning. Was I brooding?
I don’t feel like I’m brooding but it’s kinda early to be using some of these vocabulary words.
It’s just a pretty driveway.
Enjoy the beauty. Start there.