The last Cooper River Bridge Run on the old bridge was held in 2005.

The new bridge (the Ravenel Bridge) is above-left, the old two lane bridges will be taken down soon to allow larger ships to come further inland. (We were on the Charleston Harbor for some of the demolitions.)

Nice race: 2 miles to the bridge, 2 miles across the bridge (up and down, then up and down, then up then down),
2 miles through the Holy City (Charleston, SC).
+ a few scenic detours to make it an official 10k (6.21 miles).


The fun began onboard the shuttle bus to the starting line.

Our driver failed to follow the other one thousand buses,
made 3 u-turns (in a school bus),
then got out her cell phone and was heard saying:

“Where is that starting line supposed to be at?”.

About 42,000 people signed up. About 18,500 runners.
Semi-official times show I was beaten by:
one 12 year old boy, eight men over 70, and one 60 year old woman.
Rematch! Rematch with that woman!
She’s probably 50 years old, not 60! Check her Sanka for doping!

Taking photos does cut into ones time . . .
yeah, my race time is un-Kenyan because of the photos I paused to take . . .

And HEY – I was very very competitive with the
“75 and over” Female category.

Official times are coming in the mail but I know that I accomplished these things before 9:19am:
1) I finished. 2) No injuries. 3) A good time was had by all.


Ready for another 10k, I am hooked. This time I will even train and get some sleep the night before!
Peachtree Road race? Bolder Boulder? Bay to Breakers? Bridge to Bridge?