AP Top News 04/01/05 EST
Off the mainland coast of the Southeastern USA
March 31 – April 1, 2005

I am requesting an extension to my sabbatical.
The first 6 months went by too quickly, there is so much left to do.

Reasons (excuses) why I need an extension
by the numbers:
1. Most of the time I was on the road. I got lost in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado – I spent weeks getting back out.

2. I was the Outfitter for several excursions – that was work and took time away from my actual, official sabbatical.

3. Twice I had the fluthat shouldn’t take away from my sabbatical time!

4. My head was in a cloud the whole time, too much of a good thing.
But I can see clearly now . . .

5. I don’t want to die of boredom!

The extension will be requested by me, submitted to me, approved by me – but approval hinges on my being able to justify it to myself.

Justifications of why I need an extension
by the numbers:

If I extended my tour I could (in April alone):

1. Sit for the PAC 6 exam, the US Coast Guard Captains license.
Henceforth I could be addressed as “Captain” or “Skipper” and do bare boat tours and deep sea fishing trips.

2. Get a G-5 Mac with Garage Band 2 and begin serious Podcasting.

3. Help a friend get his dive boat business going.

4. Start preparations on a site for a friends eco-tourism service.

Anyone want to bet against my request for an extension being approved?

Happy April 1, 2005!
You think I’m Joking?