a rare blooper that should have never been posted.
Shouldn’t let it upset you, it’s just shop talk at the blog studio.
… blog host: “Welcome! I keep a Movable Type travel and distraction blog to present myself to the world. Works great! Today we’re testing how well 3-D backgrounds frame avatars on a Croc.”
… blog host: [thinks he’s offline] “Well that’s another funktacular post. Yo, now we can get back to another week of supreme partying. [… to intern] Lil’ dude-ette, ya think that deco background will work on the art school chicks?”
… Lil’ dude-ette, the studio intern: “what-ev, who cares as long as they still click on the ads. Can I skip out a notch early? I have an appointment for those stubby fiberglass nails then my Shrink expects me to show for my weekly this time. Huh-kay, yay?”
… blog host: “Just make sure your parole officer doesn’t come around here no more.”
… Lil’ dude-ette, the studio intern: “Shite, that was whack.”
… blog host: “Whiggity Whack!”
… Lil’ dude-ette, the studio intern: (rolling eyes) “Naw, regular type. Smell ya later”
… blog host: “OK bye.”
… blog host: “OK, Computer!”
… Lil’ dude-ette, the studio intern: [outside the studio] “GAAAHHH”