What a country!
We’ve got it all, don’t we? . . . Hey, uh, we do have it all, um, don’t we?
This summer teams up a professional driver with a suited PR man from HQ on a mission with a giant wiener, to spew a big red carbon footprint throughout wiener eating markets.
Their motivation? Spreading the awareness of their brand of wiener and playing an endlessly looped jingle that concludes with
“… everyone would be in love with me …”
The team of the driver and PR suit spent most of their parking lot marketing interface face-time politely parting their hair with pocket combs.
They are professionally serious about their image.
wienermobile front
wienermobile back
The wienermobile team ignored all questions about the interior of the wienermobile. Is that a bunking hutch in the rear? Alas, we may never know.
Can’t you imagine that Monday morning marketing meeting
way back in January . . .
Wiener Big Boss: “Johnson, how would you feel about taking on a critical front line PR job? We need a man on it!”
Johnson: (thinking) “As a way to get out of the cubicle for the summer? Heck yeah!” (speaking) “I’d love the challenge, sir.”
Wiener Big Boss: “Well it’s front line duty and critical to our brand awareness to further the image we wish to project in today’s competitive wiener environment.”
Johnson: (speaking) “I’ll pack my best pocket comb, sir.” (thinking) “Road trip! I’ve always wanted to be able to say that, road trip! At long last, a fun summer. I knew if I stayed steady I’d get my reward! I’m really going places now, thanks to wieners!”