Out of Kansas, into the east, the south, out of the West for sure.
Had my 1st law enforcement officer encounter of the trip in Missouri. While photographing a sunset I was suspected of having an interest in stealing fertilizer for use in making Methamphetimine. Was an appropriate intro to the state.
Stayed in the worst Motel of the trip here – I wondered if I was going to be kidnapped – the door did not operate well, got locked in to my room. The lights flickered, the walls were concrete block, the window did not open. Trapped like a rat where no one can hear you scream.
Worst roads of the trip, bumpy, bouncy, and not well marked. Got lost due to detours of “road construction”. I left Piney Grove, drove 45 minutes, approached the Same Town again, knowing I was not on track but never would have guessed I had looped around.

While in Rolla, Missouri every single person at their many traffic lights was eating from McDonalds wrappers while behind the steering wheel.
and talking with their mouth full.
Fat from junk food
and so were their stupid ugly children. Gross!

Saw the 1st Waffle House.

I miss the West. Feeling closed in, roads are too congested, sites are slight and not so impressive. The Blues were not created in the West. I want Western Swing, not oppression.

This is the point where I quit drinking the water. Nuff said.