their marketing literature sezs:
by the Hiway
Two Good Places to Eat & Sleep: Home and Here!
This place is great! Saved me from my accidental decision to drive a mountain road at night.
It was a simple sunset photo session that turned to a night drive and was quickly turning into death by Elk / head-on collision / steering off a mountain road into the void.
Highway 40 going East out of Salt Lake City.
Every vehicle was towing something – Ford F-350s with ATVs trailered, Dodge Rams towing campers, all impatient to get somewhere, not concerned about passing on a hill.
Oncoming trucks passing on the 2 lane and heading straight into me.
Add some spitting rain and this Frontier Motel saved my life, kinda sorta.
They had a cop car at the Frontier Cafe. The night clerk said that all they had was 1 smoking room and it was $48.00. She was nice, gave me the chance to see the room. She said it was up to me, that I could drive on to Vernal, UT, another 20 miles, but it’ll be even later when I get there and I’d be safer here than on the road this time of night.
Credit card, license plate, and I’m in the room with my toothbrush.
Sleep for now, g’night