The latest installation at MOMA:
Pocotaligo Restaurant.
a multimedia still-life display
exploring an Americana theme.

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Note the two clocks – each with their own sense of time.
Possibly the artist was using the juxtaposed beverage themed clock faces to represented an ongoing universal dichotomy and thus the epic struggle of the marketplace.

Superb expression of post-modern consumerist conflict
via the symbol of the wall clock!

Ah, the multiple levels of allegory!
Oh, the Humanity!

or is this the back room of
Harold’s Country Club, Yemassee, South Carolina?
No finer food anywhere, 3 days a week.
Wednesday: dogs and burgers.
Thursday: Pot-Luck buffet
Saturday: Steak (call ahead on steak night).

Harold’s Country Club
97 US Hwy 17A-21
Yemassee, South Carolina
***** = 5 Stars, the food and people are wonderful.
The atmosphere is comfortable, very comfortable.
Come as you are & smile.