Sharks eat their food by approaching it from below.
If the bottom-up tactic doesn’t work they can attack from the side, but it’s still a bottom-up bite since they turn upward at the last minute.
Sharks cannot feed by biting downward, so if you’re below a shark you can just lay back and watch them pace back and forth waiting for you to surface and provide them with an opportunity to chomp.
Lemon shark.
They like their dinner meat with a squeeze of lemon juice and a side of red bile sauce.
Bones, fatty tissue, cartilage, it’s all good!
Pass the lemon!
This one wants stuffed neoprene wet suit marinated in brine.
Look at the mouth, so human! Part man, part lumber yard hardware, part fish, and all survivor.
Is this a Sawfish or another mutant Sting Ray like the one that assassinated “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Erin in order to silence him when he discovered the evil fortress headquarters of the international mutant Sting Ray conspiracy based offshore of the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical Far North Queensland?