The building was more interesting than the food. Concrete block structure, I sat in the add-on wing that used to be the porch. The owner sure eyed me when I pulled into the parking lot, he was working on draining a mud puddle. (this is Florida)
He looked at me like I was selling something.
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Two guys come in, it’s about 3:30 PM.
First guy says: I’m not hungry, I’ll have a salad.
Second guy goes: Wha? I thought you liked it here.
First guy orders: I’ll have a pound of gizzards and a salad.

that’s Gizzards, not livers, a pound of gizzards and a salad!

Oh and the food. I almost forgot to review it.
SO: forgettable. Good because I was hungry and the alternative was Burger King. The tea was good. Cole slaw was fine.
Basic fair for the unenlightened. No real problem, nothing was particularly good, just there.

Willards Smokestack
Hwy 301 Baldwin, GA
OK, I said FLA in the title but this is Cracker-Georgia, it’s kinda a Georgia/Florida hybrid.