At night in the tent the sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs kept making us think the big one was rolling in to sweep us out to sea. Around 4AM a shore break had us sitting straight up out of a dozing slumber. As usual all the possible problems are just between our ears.

Around sunset we watched a bobcat stalk and catch a bird. Too bad for the bird but a nice snack for the bobcat. Since the bird saw the bobcat it could have easily flown away. Yet it seemed like the bobcat had the bird under a spell, the bird could not simply drop it and leave, it had to keep in contact with the cat until the last minute. Some sort of dangerous dance.
The water was sulferous, drinking it only makes you more thirsty. For dinner we used canteen water and boiled mac-n-cheese and added tuna. Since fresh water was scarce we saved the canteened boiled noodle water and drank it in the AM. MMmm starchy good!
It helped to power up the legs on the return climb out of here.