There is a new normal hitting us where we live. It’s new but it seems very familiar.
Keep on keeping on? Nothing new to me, just call that “life”.
But we’ve had so much going on… and it ain’t all what we’ve prayed for either… but we’ve gotten a lot without asking, too.
When I can come in from the garden, have some ice water, rub some wintergreen alcohol on the fresh bug bites, and review this mini-bounty, well, the new phrase of 2011 is “it’s not all I want but I’ll take it.”
I have a lot to be thankful for, such as my hyper-individual unique character that came from challenges and adversities that others never had to face, as well as all those things that came naturally. I don’t take much for granted.
When multiple smart people, acting independantly, all use the same phrase, it’s likely a valued observation. Specifically, my family has been observed by many to be “unusually happy.” Not lucky, not one way or the other. “Unusually happy.”
Getting philosophical is like having a strong sense of humor – it’s taking the long view.
For every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.
Been a good day and I’ll sleep well tonight. Hope the mosquitoes sleep all night too… Last night this one . . . oh never mind.