The Joy of Carbs:
This photo has got it all, as shown by the tailgate of an old Ford pick-up truck, the pending promise of a new loaf of bread, a catchy’ly named processed product, and the expectation of sauce sopping succulence yet to come.
The brand name comes from the thicker than usual slices of bread. Purchased by a 90 year old farmer that knows the meaning of “sliced bread” better than most of us. During biscuit making lessons he told about a DIY (do it yourself) life in the country before and after The War (WWII), the only time he’s traveled away from the farm.
Hearing first hand from a person whose world is all about making your own or doing without, when he told of his first encounter with sliced bread we were spellbound. Fully captivated over store bought bread.
Possibly the best thing of all?
It’s enriched!
A real Wonder of a loaf of white bread.
“BBQ bread”. It tells you its purpose.
Clarity in communication.
Specialization in production.
How American Modern. See you at the MOMA.