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You can’t get what you want ’till you know what you want,
& in this case, ’till they know what you want.

So if your little hearts desire is an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range-model BB gun with a compass on the side then start cluing in the powers that be. And don’t waiver if all you hear is “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”
Stay the course. Eyes on the prize, just look above at Any Kid USA. He scored! Nice hat too!

Here’s my hint:
I want to I feel as complete as this kid feels. Is it the BB gun or the fact that someone cared for him?
I want to be asked and heard.
I want a Santa that gets it.
Three “I wants” spelled out & posted. Hint hint.

Yes, “A Christmas Story” aired the other night. Complete with Ralphie and his Dads Major Award lamp.

Remember the made-for-TV Saturday Christmas movie “JT”? About an inner city kid that found a stray cat, kept it among junk on an abandoned lot. JT housed the cat in an old stove and fed him bites from his school lunch. The cat had an injured eye so JT made an eyepatch. The injured stray cat was the only loving connection JT felt.
The dialog I recall from “JT” takes place in the kitchen after Grandma arrives from the bus station:
Grandma: (to JT) What you want for Christmas, Child?
JT: I want me this cat I found. Can it stay with me?
Mom: (defeated) Just what I need, another mouth to feed.

Bummer for JT.
Face it, we are dared, double dog dared, triple dared,
oh, go ahead – we’re triple dog dared! That means we just have to do it, it’s a triple dog dare. No choice. Just have to do it.
Buy less and care more.
That’s a bigger challenge than sticking your tongue to a frozen flagpole.

— and when you do get what you want,
don’t shoot your eye out with it.