Dang, it iced up since yesterday!
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The deep freeze iced up, that is . . .

Wow! People toughing out a cold winter sure get bent about a sub-tropical climate! Yesterdays post triggered an avalanche of responses from Snowbirds and el Rain-os.
For those wintering in Boston, Alaska, Minnesota, and that one responder where English is a second language
(I got your point brother, you are on Planet Earth too),
OK! OK! Chill! (I crack myself up)
Here, this is for you:
we have ice too. Sure do, plenty of it, too much of it, for a few more hours anyway.

Any Archeologists out there wanting to study ice fossiled boiled peanuts labeled “1997” just hit “reply email” (top left of page) and send a self addressed stamped envelope.
Act now, offer expires around sundown when I get back from the beach.

They’re re-lighting the ol’ lighthouse today & I’m on the VIP list. I’m wearing a vintage Surfing Magazine T-shirt, fleece vest and Long Pants – not shorts. It’s not all that warm.
Toe-tay Buckwheat?
I’m not even wearing sandals. Things are tough all over 😉