dateline – Broadway by the Beach, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
We’re in a training session on how to use our rented magic wands.
The seasonal employee pushes play on the MagiQuest training DVD.
“The Questmaster will instruct you .. The Quest… The Questmaster will zzmmbbb … [digitally garbled verbage]”
We were having technical dificulties at the onset of the training session.
The seasonal employee said “Uh, it got stuck.”
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Well, duh, thanks for the diagnosis. He futzed around with the DVD player and we went on to get trained for the MagiQuest Adventure – an all climate 7 x 365 tourist attraction for those that want to spend some of their week at the beach inside.
“The Questmaster will instruct you .. blah blah blah … Behold! The Magi …”
We were led into the main room, the MagiChamber or some name.
This playhouse does a pretty good job of providing a bit ‘o magic for all !
What a pity the brats running about on their soda buzz didn’t pause to refresh their eyes with this delicate set of wings.
This IS a photo of Little Purple Wings. That’s all it’s about, the wings, the wings, the wings.
Some of the decor in here is medieval related, some bits of decoration brings to mind wizardry, and a few oddly placed gewgaws are clearly repurposed Christmas decorations from the nearby outlet mall (elves, lights, Victorian ornaments).
All in all this place is a clear money maker.Their revenue is not impacted by seasons, inclimate weather, or whether or not the surf is up.
Just keep the lights burning and they will queue up to rent a magic wand.
Stay tuned for a MagiQuest coming to a high traffic density destination near you.