We’ve had some fun “seeking riders to cross Kansas”, acting like it was undesirable.
Let me be clear:
Kansas was a highlight of my trip.
Beautiful, clean, and the people sure did seem to like me. They sure did stare at me. I’ve not experienced being stared at by dozens of locals since walking in Hungary in 1992.
A memorable image were the girls with dual pony tails, hair tied back on each shoulder. Very farm-girl fresh, very nice. Didn’t see that anywhere else and let me clue you in: it’s worth going to Kansas to see for yourself. This is where the girl next door lives.
So if you get a chance to go, to see a Jayhawks game for example, GO! And don’t think that wearing all black is going to make you look sophisticated or tough, you’ll look like a colorblind thug.
Guys: flannel.
Girls: pony tails, 80% are blonds.
Frozen custard cone served by a smiling young thing that really really hoped that I enjoyed it. Really!
Kansas is fresh air.