This just in from our studiobonton New York City field correspondent:
It is a good time of year to be in the city. Those hot summer smells are long gone, the Hamptons aren’t beckoning (not in the same way as in June) so now we can focus on shopping(!) and being right here at Rockefeller Center and buying(!) stuff. Vintage overcoats, Canal Street stuff, holograms on things, uber-artsy-expressive haircuts in The Village, dinner reservations at 11pm, cab rides, tickets to The Met, and front row seats at Madison Square Garden. This year has certain ticket limitations: not only is Broadway on strike but there are no late night TV shows to attend due to the writers strike. But still, plenty to do if you are with the right person.
“Winter is here, best time of year,
come on along, sing the skating song”
– was that song in your 3rd grade music book?
Skate skate skate,
Skate skate skate,
Skate your booty, skate your booty, booty!
(think KC & the Sunshine Band).