These horses are wild. Their great-great Grandparent-horses were in the Carnegie and/or Rockefeller stable on Cumberland Island, Georgia. Which explains why they’re the fittest looking wild horse I’ve seen. That’s compared to those in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada and Ocracoke, North Carolina.

The annual February warm spell is on us, days in the 60s or even 70s.
A week ago we had some freezing – seriously, it froze for an hour or so before dawn.
Of course it thawed an hour or so after sunrise.

No more tidbits to write for now, it’s a nice afternoon to sit by the fountain and read in the warm sun.
“Best Essays of 2005”
“Elmer Gantry” by Sinclair Lewis
and the eternal “CCNA Certification”,
then ZZzzz . . .

We’re out here having fun in the warm Carolina sun.
Fine, & You?