Once I loved the road, got a charge out of road tripping, driving and singing with my elbow out the window, going elsewhere, driving around to see what’s going on …
but …
Love Hurts!
In case the glare is too much, yes, that reads $695.00 worth of fuel. Likely this isn’t even a fill-up since it got rounded to less than $700. “Hey honey, let’s sleep in the car tonight, it costs as much as the High Roller Suite at Hotel Swank.”
Ok, I admit I still love her and I always will.
But gotta reevaluate and redefine the relationship with the two-lane blacktop, the white line, life between the ditches, the pedal to the metal.
It’s our July 4th patriotic duty to streamline and become a leaner cleaner greener wienermobiler.
Check it out, we have a fine frankfurter of a tradition going, assuming duo years doth a tradition make:
2007 _wienermobile_summer_tour
This 2008 photo supplied by a fan o’bigbonton, Abby-Patty and her trusty Canon Digital Elf.
You go girl! You walk, look, and drive like an Ace.