Month: February 2006

Horses on the island

These horses are wild. Their great-great Grandparent-horses were in the Carnegie and/or Rockefeller stable on Cumberland Island, Georgia. Which explains why they’re the fittest looking wild horse I’ve seen....

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Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart

A beautiful rose for you my darling Valentine.I found an island in your arms,a country in your eyes.- The Doors -One Love, One Heartlet’s get together and feel alright- Bob Marley-If you would be loved, love and be...

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pre-Valentine coaching

If today you are lucky enough to be with someone to have and to holdmake sure they’re well had and well held.There are people sleeping alone tonight with cold feet!It takes a lot of good luck and hard work to find and/or become...

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Looney Bulbs

There’s more to flowers than just roses, carnations, daisies, etc.and this looney wild child bulb (below) proves that bulbs produce more than just on image to enlarge in new windowOverheard from a girl on a cell...

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