just out of Beta:
Valentines ultra-Sarah-Announce-Protocol (u-Sap)


Incorporating the OSI Model Level 1 and Level 2 of the incumbent Telco in Mayberry, North Carolina, the browser becomes “Sarah” the telephone operator while you choose your role as either Deputy Barney Fife or his sweetheart Thelma Lou. Enjoy some telephone sweet talking!

Prepare to connect to your sweetie
by first closing your eyes for 12 seconds. See the future, be the future –
with Valentines ultra-Sarah-Announce-Protocol
(Valentines u-Sap)!

Deep breath, inhale deep. Then exhale in puffs.
Relax, let Cupid channel Thelma Lou and Barney, connect using Valentines u-Sap!

Eve, bite the apple here

Steps toward the experience:
1/ currently be on the online interweb, netweb, or an onsite-webline.
2/ turn on the speakers on your computer.
3/ click the link above.
4/ “Sarah” the browser will pick up and say
“Hello u-Sap, Coo your Valentine, please”.
NOTE: Ignore any modem noise, you are hearing “Sarah”. Her English voice is in development.
5/ your response will be either
“I am Thelma Lou and I love Barney Fife”

“I am Barney Fife and I love Thelma Lou”.

Repeat as a mantra for the network link duration.
Your response may be spoken into a microphone or typed into the comments section but it must contain repetition of the above mantra in order to reach u-Sap Critical Mass .

6/ you have just over 90 seconds in u-Sap mode before you’ll need to refresh the connection by clicking again – like putting a coin in a pay phone!

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(Valentines u-Sap)?