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What you suspected is now official:
At midnight I went down to the crossroads
and I sold my soul to the Devil.
Robert Johnson sends his regards, he served as my agent and helped broker the deal.
Elmore James couldn’t make it. Elmore was busy instructing an audience how to best shake yo money maker using Google ads.

Google ads are bannered across the blog.
Play around with the ads – open a post in a separate window and you can get a feel for just how content-sensitive the Google AdSense can be. It works well and was an ease to implement. Not 100% simple and it took two tries, but hey my reflexes are not what they used to be.
My next goal is to post content that will cause the AdSense to post banner ads featuring Pigs Feet. And some such stuff.
Most Provacative Billie Holiday song title:
“Gimme a Pigs Foot and a Bottle of Beer”

Regarding the photo above:
1) No that is not anyone you know. Stop emailing your guesses.
2) It is from eBay, a woman was auction off her charming self for a banner ad of her own. I think she is from England, based on the term “advert” and a few other clues. Recently a guy sold his forehead for 1 year for a ad tattoo.

We can all start saving up for our soon-to-be required
US Government Barcode Tattoo.
One World Government, The Apocalypse is near,
Have A Nice Day.

Oh, and please click on the links from our kind sponsors.
In Economic terms it’s: TANFL, there ain’t no free lunch.
No Mo anyway.
The Sky is Crying, Look at the Tears Roll Down the Street.