This is where Evil Knevil jumped half-way across the Snake River, Idaho.
How do you spell that guys name? Doesn’t look right.

the Department of Facual Verification chimes in:
Robert Craig Knievel, aka: “Evel Knievel”, 67 years old in 2006, retired, unhealthy (in pain) and living in Clearwater, FLA.
Survived over 300 motorcycle jumps including a rocket powered two-wheel Skycycle that was used to propel Mr. Knievel over the canyon shown above. The upward arch was not the biggest challenge of the stunt, the landing was the trick. And the trick was solved with another trick: they never planned on landing! A parachute ‘malfunctioned’ halfway across the gorge and dropped Evel into the ravine without serious injury.
Result: Stunt performed, sponsors checks cashed, event recalled decades later.
Notable footage of his exploits include his failed attempt to leap over the fountains of Caesars Palace – his body resembled a rag doll tumbling in a clothes dryer. In slow motion it just didn’t quit tumbling, rolling, sliding. A train wreck of an accident, viewers could not turn away from the mayhem of forward momentum.
Marketing items include: The Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, Jigsaw puzzles, pinball machines, helmets.
Hometown: Butte, Montana
Son: Robbie Knievel has made money from several jumps. One hour TV shows build up to a 5 second event, providing much opportunity to sell sponsors. Generally the landing is not perfect but clearly that is an afterthought if a viewer has tuned in for the duration.