Snake Boot / cargador de la serpiente

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Snake Skin boots con Snake Head.
It took at least one snake per boot.
I couldn’t decide which profile I liked best so the whole collage gets posted for your pleasure. Can’t you just hear the snake rattle?

Hint Hint:
Only 16 more shopping days until my Birthday on the 17th.
Hint Hint:
Snake Skin boots never go out of style . . .
But those heads would soon be kicked loose,
I stub my toes daily.
They wouldn’t look so vicious / vicioso
after a few days on my feet.

While daydreaming about wearing these bad snake headed boots I got one mango and one coconut frozen fruit on a stick.
The cashier was busy with a fly-swatter
keeping the place fly-free, which took some faith that it was even possible.
Good for her,
gracious, I mean gracias!