No hotel/motel Lazy River here, that’s kid stuff. No kids here. They pee in the pool.
The appeal of this pool (other than the obvious fun in the sun) is the Cooling Cave, see the mist in the photo, just left of center?
The Cooling Cave doubles as a shady refuge by day and a hot tub by night.
Swinging singles take advantage of the cool cave to relish their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, as well as expand definitions of what that pursuit actually means. Some spelunk into the cave of the unknown in that happy pursuit.
Where is everybody? Likely between the sheets, it’s early for a holiday, just 7AM.
Hearing the call of duty, this holiday blog post got an early check-off from the leisurely July 4th chore list.
Next to-do: catch the AM ocean breeze with some Frisbee action, soak in the salty Atlantic, leisurely bike ride for chow, and find someone to chat with, all while accessorized with the girl-watchers best friend: wrap-around sunglasses, aka: gawker goggles, peep sheath, and wandering-eye alibi protection.