March 30, 2005

scanned possum

or "an Opossum"? No, just go with possum.
Ever see these guys? They have an expression that is the original sh!t-eating grin.
Opossum: nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America.
Yep, that naked looking tail is rat-like. But opossums are cleaner than rats, although they will go through your garbage, but hey, who doesn't like to rummage every once in a while?
I saw one the other night in my recycling, yelled at him, clapped, ran him off. He kept grinning and walked away, not the slightest bit in a hurry. Didn't even turn to look at me.

fine print:
I got a new scanner. This is a postcard, I cropped the heading "Hanging out in Georgia".
Copyright Jenkins Enterprises, North Little Rock, AR. 501-945-2600. Photo by Garry Walter.
Send money, not subpoenas.

March 27, 2005

Happy Easter 2005

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This cherub has seen much come and go.
Keeps facing the rising sun and holding on.

March 26, 2005

Garden in Charleston, SC

This idyllic locale is a
pre-revolution colonial plantation
upstream from Charleston, S.C.
Producer of rice, indigo, mosquitos, and whatnot.
Remember triangular trade from 5th grade Social Studies?

March 25, 2005

Japanese Orchid

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They bloom all at once and last a short time so they're a real treat for a week or so every Spring.

March 24, 2005

Southern Pit Bar B Que

I wrote 3 things on a napkin
so I'd recall what mattered:
1/ Flat Top
2/ Buttermilk
3/ Dawn '99

1/ The proprietor wore a white apron and a flat top.
He was clearly the man in charge because he spoke and others listened. Seemed like a nice guy but anybody with a flat top sans irony, well, it is a question mark, isn't it?
What to expect from someone with a haircut mentioned in the first line from the Beatles Come Together?
At least with a mullet you know you're dealing with a wild card, but a flat top, White Hanes T-shirt (too small), and a white apron - what is this, a casting call?

2/ They had buttermilk on the menu.
When's the last time you saw that? Better yet, ever said:
"and I'd like a buttermilk with that." Never.

3/ Our waitress was named Dawn.
My fellow diners said she waited on us last time we were there, circa 1999. I took their word for it because I wanted it to be true, but I started to doubt their observation because they didn't catch her name tag strategy.
I saw the name tag promptly. "Dawn" was proudly displayed on a name tag pinned to a lovely strategic location.
My fellow diners were both 80-plus year old men so maybe their eyes didn't wander to the name tag region of Dawn's uniform.
If you know what I mean, and I think that you do.

Career Waitress Dawn led our table of Senior country boys through the "confusing" menu, knelt forward and practically shouted in their face "so you want the regular dinner plate and sweet tea?"
while nodding her head "yes".
Career Waitress Dawn knows how an exchange can be simple or can go off track and take forever. She led us by the hand. Good move!

Buttermilk Dawn upsold me on desert by a slight of hand technique:
Dawn pointed to the menu on the wall while directing my eyes towards that name tag region of her uniform.
Buttermilk Dawn offered peach cobbler, then added the ice cream suggestion while she had me hyp-mo-tized.
I said yes. If Dawn wants me to have "peach cobbler a la mode" then I say
Yes, thank You, I want that which you are directing me towards.
Dawn even threw in an experienced waitress clarification saying "That's with ice cream" regarding "a la mode".

Maybe she has been there since 1999, she's Good!

Oh, & the Q.
Good Stuff, smoked.
How can food not be good when the owners card has a Bible verse on it:
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him
and He shall direct they paths"
Speaks to Faith and to trust in your creator to know your needs better than you know yourself, since He is the Creator. Understand?
Well, actually I have stayed in a few Motels that had the sign of the fish and the Cross everywhere but lacked much that good motels should have, like working light bulbs and a door knob that functions consistently, but at least they are forgiven.

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Clockwise from Q:
1/ it is smoked which makes it a real A+.
So good that I got some to go, to take to the support team, it was wonderful even after frozen - still tender and smoky. I know why it's so tender but lack the room to explain right now about the Steam Table. Included a slightly sweet red sauce. Also very good, not too hot or sweet, just right.

2/ Brunswick Stew. If you cannot tell if it's stew or hash remember: stew has corn in it. It was tasty but I heard one of my 80+ year old dinner companions say it was too spicy. - sure Pops, spicy compared to oatmeal.

3/ Cole Slaw. Nice presentation with that circular dollop & a pickle slice on top. Like the way a ringing bell might taste.
You'll hear that joke again in another time, another place.

4/ Cornbread. Of course it is Yum!
Grainy goodness, cooked in a triangle to you get more crust, it's like a muffin that's all top. Get it?

Go on & get yourself some!

McGhin's Southern Pit Bar B Que
2964 North Expressway
Griffin, GA 30223

March 23, 2005

Dogwood in full bloom

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means Easter is near.

March 20, 2005

The Private Booth

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with the starting line-up, then a dust-up in the first few laps.
click on the photo to enlarge - I admit it's not the best pic yet.

VIP Food: OK
VIP Booth Babes: "C+"
Overall sense of being a VIP at a "Big Event": High
- after my senses were seduced (a la wine in a soda can).

Those NASCAR Fans are intense, not like the
Frisbee crowd I usually hang with on a Sunday afternoon.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

this is an audio post - click to play

& you are there
through the magic of QuickTime.
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on a cellular modem @ 75MPH

Just because I can, Posting to the blog while driving to Atlanta on I-20. Just passing Athens, G-A.
I am a passenger with a cell modem 56k connected Laptop struggling to hit the right keys while on a moving desk (Ford Explorer) enroute to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for my 1st photoblogging NASCAR experience. Viva la access to info. Push Button Publishing I'm an air-conditioned gypsy, I'm Mo-bile!

[Posted a few days later:
this post has no relation to the post below.
I was NOT riding in that auto-crap-mobile]

March 16, 2005

Clean your car!

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This mess is the responsibility of . . . I'd better not say.
But if you:
are over 40, are sporting a comb-over,
have never moved out & left home,
are driving your Fathers Oldsmobile,
and the only healthy thing you've eaten in the past
4 months or 4,000 miles
is 1 banana (evidenced by the peel in the margarine tub)
then come on cousin, get it together, will ya?

March 14, 2005

Liberty Hill Primitive Baptist Church

Sounds critical to say "Primitive" Baptist but that's their name.
I think it refers to their belief in basic precepts, a simple core foundation on which to build a life.


Likely, the builders of this church appreciated their blessings more fully than modern man. Satisfaction of basic human needs comes very easily for us. Good water, fresh produce, a mule - a living tool, and the value in family and community.

Liberty Hill, Georgia is home to some of the most interesting music and most dynamic people the U. S. of A. has ever produced.

This country church sits beside a one-room schoolhouse where my Grandmother learned to read. Both buildings have a foundation of hand stacked rock columns and are now under the stewardship of families in the area, mostly my senior cousins.

In this cemetery rests many of my ancestors. They include
Southern Confederates, New World Colonists, and French Huguenots from the 1600s. Rural Georgia red mud farmers, itinerant musicians, salt of the earth American stock.

So this is an image of the distant future according to those folks.
I think they'd say the trees are bigger now.
We're living in the future!

Lest We Forget.

Two Landmarks

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Q: Guess where I was last week.
I didn't actually eat there, my California constitution would not like it anymore.
Fun to see again and as the marquee says: "World Famous".

A: On the left is The Varsity, sells more onion rings than any place in the world. In the shadow of CNN and Coca-Cola HQ.

On the right is the Big Chicken. If you've ever driven in NW Atlanta, GA (Marietta, pronounced: May-retta) you've used this big 'ol sign as a landmark.
Legend has it Delta pilots couldn't land straight when the Big Chicken blew down a while back. The rebuild featured moving eyes and beak.

Legend has it alright. Uh Huh. "They say", but there's no such thing as they.

March 1, 2005

Burning Man Jr.

We had a bonfire last weekend to chase away the dark.
Some picnic tables and at least one Adirondack chair
were ashes the next morning. They took a torch for the team.
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Burning Man
takes place in 6 months.
It last occurred 6 months ago. It's like we're on the dark side of the Burning Man Moon.

Burning Man's 2005 Art Theme will be
"Psyche: the Conscious, the Subconscious and the Unconscious."
Our theme explores psychology:
self-expression, self-reflection
and the unconscious power of dreams.
Tales from the Playa

You can only do things for the first time once