Month: March 2005

scanned possum

or “an Opossum”? No, just go with possum. Ever see these guys? They have an expression that is the original sh!t-eating grin. Opossum: nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America. Yep, that naked looking tail is rat-like. But opossums are cleaner than rats, although they will go through your garbage, but hey, who doesn’t like to rummage every once in a while? I saw one the other night in my recycling, yelled at him, clapped, ran him off. He kept grinning and walked away, not the slightest bit in a hurry. Didn’t even turn to look at me. fine print: I got a new scanner. This is a postcard, I cropped the heading “Hanging out in Georgia”. Copyright Jenkins Enterprises, North Little Rock, AR. 501-945-2600. Photo by Garry Walter. Send money, not...

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Garden in Charleston, SC

This idyllic locale is apre-revolution colonial plantationupstream from Charleston, S.C.Producer of rice, indigo, mosquitos, and whatnot.Remember triangular trade from 5th grade Social...

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Southern Pit Bar B Que

I wrote 3 things on a napkin so I’d recall what mattered: 1/ Flat Top2/ Buttermilk3/ Dawn ’99 1/ The proprietor wore a white apron and a flat top. He was clearly the man in charge because he spoke and others listened. Seemed like a nice guy but anybody with a flat top sans irony, well, it is a question mark, isn’t it? What to expect from someone with a haircut mentioned in the first line from the Beatles Come Together? At least with a mullet you know you’re dealing with a wild card, but a flat top, White Hanes T-shirt (too small), and a white apron – what is this, a casting call? 2/ They had buttermilk on the menu. When’s the last time you saw that? Better yet, ever said: “and I’d like a buttermilk with that.” Never. 3/ Our waitress was named Dawn. My fellow diners said she waited on us last time we were there, circa 1999. I took their word for it because I wanted it to be true, but I started to doubt their observation because they didn’t catch her name tag strategy. I saw the name tag promptly. “Dawn” was proudly displayed on a name tag pinned to a lovely strategic location. My fellow diners were both 80-plus year old men so maybe their eyes didn’t wander to the name tag region...

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