Godzilla got all the attention.
I debated over posting this photo or a close up of just the head. The teeth are spikey.
This is not a camper, it’s a desert home in North East Utah.
There were 2 kids playing in the yard, located on the other side of the big yard-art (above). The oldest kid was pulling a piece of wood tied to a string, marching and talking to himself with a staged serious expression.
The younger kid was buck nekked and was throwing sand into the wind. Both looked as happy as can be.
God Bless ’em, a happy home is a happy home.
Seeing those kids I felt it then more than normally. Seeing them I felt so very lonely, man,
I am so lonely!
The best way to fight it is to keep moving. Being still eats me alive from the inside.
I wish I lived here with a family with a big dinosaur on the side.
What’s up with me ??