photo explained, from the top:
1) Spanish Mackerel, caught trolling over the Betsy Ross Reef
LORAN C-45504.1/61061.9 // GPS-32 03.427/080 24.851
2) A large mouth surprise photo’d at the dock. I shot this one. With a camera.

It was much larger than the cooler it was draped over – about 4 feet of solid fish not including the tail.

He could swallow your head up to your shoulders.

3) Sea Bass, from 40 miles offshore. Not telling where. Off Hilton Head in the Atlantic. Look at those eyes – clear means fresh.

Actual fish are larger than they appear.
I grin every time I read that.

Quite a haul & by the time I reeled in my last thundering Sea Bass of the day I’d fished myself out. We got a big laundry basket full of fish. Even after cleaning we had a cooler stuffed full of meat.

At the reef our Spanish Mackerel catches were often partials – barracuda found us and were biting off our Spanish Mackerel catch before we could land them. We were pulling up heads or fish with a significant bite missing from their abdomen.

More yapping about fishing:
“I” caught the biggest shark until my buddy one-upped me. But mine fought more!
“I” also made the biggest commotion over nothing, hooting & crowing while reeling in a “shark or something” that turned out to be some sort of epileptic sand dab / guppy. It felt big. Perhaps a shark did a bait & switch?
“I” claim to have caught the most, but admit most of mine were from an Elementary School and were tossed back to graduate.

One undisputed superlative “I” earned:
“I” tossed cookies the most. Twice.
Nobody else got sick over the side although some looked like they felt like it on a few trolls. When I hurled, my experience at sea showed. Everyone agreed that I really know how to barf with finesse.
Along with the “Most Urps” award “I” also earned the “Best Bounce-Back” award: “I” ralphed, “I” rinsed my mouth, blew my nose to clear the stomach acid from my sinuses, and “I” re-started fishing & yapping again without delay.

“I” persevered against these obstacles and kept on fishing.
Then I accused a guy of hogging the “Luck Corner” of the boat when he caught several in a row and I was on a dry spell.
Fish, Fish, fish-fish. Fishing!