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Once housed a shrunken head but no one believes me. The people I grew up with know it’s true but nobody else believes a shrunken head was displayed in here.

The building also served as a Magistrates office where I once had to state my case on why a friend was riding on the hood of a car I was driving. To top it off, it wasn’t my car and I had no clear right to operate it. I was 15, does that help explain the lack of plausible explanation?

Thank goodness the magistrate had also been my 5th grade Health teacher. I lost my license for 30 days by mutual agreement. The magistrate / 5th grade Health teacher took my license, put it in his shirt pocket, I came back in 30 days and got it back. He had it in his desk.
No points off, no insurance rate increase,
and no repeat offenses, Sir.
Justice was served, I was reformed.
And I have never again driven around town in a semi-stolen vehicle
with someone riding on the hood! Not Once!