Category: Saturday 24 / 7

Raven and full moon

Happy Halloween 2005Not a scary image but it has all the components: raven, full moon, remote coastal town (think of Hitchcocks “the Birds”).Maybe it’s not creepy due to blue sky, the lone bird is just hanging...

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Manure Basics

What will you do for your Saturday Bull Session? Figuratively shoot the bull or literally spread the manure? Decisions decisions . . . . There’s even a flower on the bag! Now that’s good marketing!

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The episode in which we see how lack of attention led to a horrible transformation… and the panic of the emotionally frail Miss Lass. This character came out of the bush and scared our field correspondent so badly that the...

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long days of June, get out

Nice, nice, so very nice. Shiny-happy, clean, and, and yet . . . . . . something in this crisp perfection is oh-so less than satisfying. While the above table setting doesn’t reek of effort, it just doesn’t satisfy...

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Tiger Grasshoper on Cypress Knee

This critter is big enough to gnaw off your thumb and finger without pausing. The Cypress Knee he’s perched on is about one foot tall, so you can see the perspective. There seems to be some meat on his bones, I mean, some...

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