Before our “always rated “G” assurance rating is revoked,
we must spell out:
cooter is a southeastern US slang for “snapping turtles.”
From the website advertised above:
“The very first Carolina “Cooter” fest featured the worlds smallest ”Cooter” which weighed in at 4 grams, while the “Largest Cooter” tipped the scales at 25 pounds. There was also a prize given for the “Best Dressed Cooter”.”
More cooter news:
Inverness, Florida sparked controversy by founding a “cooter festival” in celebration of their local turtles.
To quote their website: “This family, fun-filled weekend of Cooter activities, as showcased on Comedy Central / The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, will include a great line-up of entertainment filled with music, Cooter Races, and special guest Sonny Shroyer “Enos” of Dukes of Hazzard fame. Enos will zoom into town in the General Lee and spend the weekend reliving his bumbling deputy sheriff role – WOW! It’s fun on a scale you’ve never seen! “
Anytime you are told “WOW! It’s fun on a scale you’ve never seen!” the correct reaction is a pull-back.
But think of the cooters!
Enjoy a Spring ’07 festival.
Don’t be an old Coot, get out and lively up yourself.