Hello, my baby
Hello, my honey
Hello, my ragtime gal
Send me a kiss by wire
Baby, my hearts on fire
Learned a lot while spending time with her. For starters, her Burqa is a very nice material with a silken drape in a eye-catching shade of blue – which was unexpected after having been pre-programmed by Westerners to expect a scratchy stiff fabric in a black drab hue. But no, it’s not poorly done, her burqa is actually a nice article of clothing. After seeing her clothing hanging on a hanger (or perhaps dropped carelessly on the floor) then one can understand the rationalizations that go on to perpetuate the wearing of the Burqa. It’s a cultural thing, no doubt. Some women wear it with pride because it’s the best item they own; to others it’s all about cultural identity. There are plenty of reasons that make it okay…
… Having said that… once she slipped it back on over her head it got scary. Over and over, the flash, the shocking realization kept coming that she was in there. Think about it – SHE was IN THERE, yet she couldn’t be seen or recognized. She says the lack of sensory comprehension goes both ways – she could hardly see out, so people (well, okay, it’s ALL males) sometimes take advantage of her limitations of vision and movement so on the street they’ll thump her head and taunt her without recourse; she cannot identify the culprits.
Happy Valentines Day SweetHeart!
Let me call you Sweetheart
I’m in love with you
Let me hear you whisper
That you love me too
Keep the love light glowing
In your eyes so blue (as blue as your Burqa!)
Let me call you Sweetheart
I’m in love with you
For more about burqas, click for wikipedia. Thanks Wikipedia!
And click here so you don’t miss their photo proving the color isn’t just black!