OH, over the river and through the woods to …
UH, where are we going again?
Whose house? Grandma’s house? She’s baking cookies and wearing her apron.
Grandma might not be waiting for us to arrive.
This year the family visits are scheduled in tight shifts because of limited seating because Grandma has a compressed schedule since she has to cut out early for a Senior Center yoga class to prep before her impressionistic dance performance regarding pilgrams at the Unitarian Universalist United Under God (non-secular but not too preachy) Congregation Center.
Welcome to the 2008 Season of Whatever. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” if you’re easily sold on saccharine stock clichés. Prepare to enter the dragon, the darkest time of the year, highest crime rate, highest expectations, highest disappoints.
Don’t like hearing this ugly little truth that Christmas has morphed into Xmas?
Make me smile again:
Just in time for the gift-giving season!
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We can make each other happy.

This season will be just like in these Currier and Ives prints… except…
gotcha! They’re not Currier and Ives, these two images are mine from the “November and the Colorado mines” project.