bontonmobile: 1
Bambi: 0
OH! Stop the “save the whale” righteous indignation over Bambi. It’s not like the bontonmobile actually won anything.
Here’s how it went down:
There were two deer in the road and both of ’em clearly had signed a suicide pact. Neither could be persuaded back into the woods to roam free and enjoy another day.
The one on the right looked up and stepped back just enough be become an observer. But the one on the left was too intent on seeking tender clover from the solid yellow line. That deer on the left even acted insulted that a car horn and headlights would intrude on his nocturnal activity.
Oh well, some fancy steering threaded the needle and today the deer on the right plays in the meadow and the deer on the left is natures reminder for us to play safe, keep your speed down, remain ever vigilant behind the wheel, and be thankful for every day that you make it home to a meal and a warm bed.
The dumb deer on the right is likely trying to figure out if it was the car horn or the car headlights that killed his buddy… not connecting the dots… Just glad they weren’t elk.
BTW, a large sea otter was narrowly avoided just 5 miles prior. Sounds like a night drive through the zoo.