We’ve all heard of soy-based tofurkey, and veggies shaped like burgers, but next year maybe the hot-house melon growers can use a mold to shape this thing into a more fowl-like silhouette?
It could happen. Makes sense. If you think about it.
Makes sense, a fowl sense.
Did you know there are square watermelons nowadays? Yep, it reflects the demographic changes of the nation – as the watermelon goes so goes the nation. (Spare us any 3rd grade mean jokes and you know I know just what you are thinking.)
Watermelons used to be 15 to 20 pounds, but now watermelons are 4 to 6 pounds each – and I thought that they seemed smaller now but figured I’d gotten bigger and had some nostalgia over watermelons.
Why the melon evolution?
Although we have larger fridges there are more demands on the space. Also we have smaller families and fewer watermelon parties, people eat alone or in small groups instead of having an all out cutting the cool melon event. Thus, the market forces morphed the melon (via the field labs of clever Ag majors).
But that sounds like summer, let’s get back to Thanksgiving… which brings us to… leftovers!
My favorite all-time post on Thanksgiving.
Can ya tell in 2005 I was happy to be off the mega-road trip and into a stable bed in a home (someones home, anyones home, didn’t matter then anymore than it does now whose home).
“Home is anywhere I hang my head” – Elvis Costello