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If you haven’t made all your shopping trips and spent all your present money, here is a fine gift idea from the 1700s.

Ye Olde Gift-ee Idea-ee
circa 1701

First: Skin a small lamb, goat, or pony. – Did you say pony? Pay special attention to the snout, ears, and eyelids. It’s the little details that add that special touch – the eyelashes, for example.
Second: Assemble it to form a life-like image of its former self using big tacks to hold the hide to a platform. Include a pull string and wheels attached to where the hoofs were (not shown).
Then: Present it to your kids so they can pull it around.
They’ll be the envy of the colony!

In the future your Great-Great-grandkids will grow up to treasure it and keep it on a shelf in front of very Grandma-like flowery wallpaper.