Alan Greenspan, my man! What a wonderful season we had, back at the turn of the century.
Irrational exuberance + time
= that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
Add the realization that ice cream melts, and suddenly life ain’t easy.
Lucky for the label-heads and status-needy among us, we’re deep into a trend of green-ness.
Reduce, reuse, re-purpose, repair, recycle is not in recession, it’s in vogue.
See the fun beauty found in found art:
Feel free to claim your scrimping belt tightening isn’t because you are now poor, it’s because you’re trendy! Join the green sustainable club, be faddish. Reduce, reuse, re-purpose, repair, recycle.
Hard candy Christmas this year? “Sufficient for the day are the troubles thereof,” so let’s just see if Mama’s Little Baby can make it through Thanksgiving without shredded newspaper in a turkey-shaped meat-loaf. Don’t knock it, it’s high in fiber and loaded with highbrow Steinbeck literary references. [uh-oh, is Steinbeck highbrow? Um, no. Literary genius does not equal highbrow.]
Halloween will be easier, it comes with built-in excuses for otherwise embarrassing actions. Prepare yourself for the economic nadir with a trip to the thrift store – claim to be looking for a funky Halloween ensemble. Act now because after Oct. 31st the gig is up, you’ll just be shopping in a thrift store without an excuse.
Or just go hobo. Grow a beard (razors cost money). Oh! Go beat, 2009 is looking so beatnik. Be a beat hobo beatnik cat. A beret and fingerless gloves? Dig it, but not just on Oct 31st, go-hobo, be-beat and drop outwardness until macro-means catch up with micro-ways.
Alan Greenspan sez: “I found a flaw in the modeling structure in how the world works.
I made a mistake in presuming that organizations, banks specifically, are not as protective to the long term survival of their structures as might be expected.”
Tell me about it. The corporation has no mind. Or heart or soul. Just add human greed and the awareness that you’re leading something considered “too big to fail” and, “Oops! Sorry ’bout that, bail me out Uncle Sammy.”