You are a Matador.
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Even wearing your Suit of Lights, one mistake and you get a schooling you don’t want.
It’s Sunday so you really should have taken care of business by now. You have -0- more shopping days ’til Valentines.
Do not panic!

Panic leads to egregious lapses in judgment,
as shown in these headlines:

1) Give Your Valentine the Royal treatment
Looking for Valentine dinner reservations she’ll remember-always?
Tell your sweetheart you have reservations for dinner – in Cincinnati. When you pull into the White Castle parking lot, she’ll definitely be surprised.
White Castle restaurants in Cincinnati are accepting reservations for dinner by candlelight. You’ll receive table service complete with wait staff, from 5 to 8 p.m. Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.


and this headline:
2) Real or Fake, Gas Station Flowers Gaining in Popularity
I have a story here:
Once I bought a fresh floral bouquet for her. Much ado upon presentation, I wore a rainbow aurora. I hoped to upgrade to a halo.
Ah, Foolish me . . .
I made the mistake of saying I got them at a convenient location. While in a grocery store (for her) I grabbed a cash and carry bouquet. The flowers, once their purchase venue was known, were no longer a thoughtful gift. They weren’t even considered fresh anymore.
“Look at the brown spot and this one is wilting”!
My glory was fleeting.
Nothing wrong with the gift, the bouquet had glowed just moments earlier.
I botched the presentation.
Don’t let this be you.

TCB early and often.
Your domestic tranquility depends on your actions.