News Flash:
“We ain’t having no winter this year”
That news tidbit was overheard at an October picnic.
70 degrees, Mild sun, cool air, leaves, sports, just a wonderful day to get physical with badminton, Frisbee, and the “competitive pine cone target toss competition”.
Munching away at fresh produce, late season tomatoes, cukes, watermelons, and good meat in the form of lovingly prepared sausages and ribs.
Oh, the meat! Oh, the meat! The sausage and the ribs that lost their lives that we may eat so well.
Hey, have a little respect for the fresh produce too!
These veggies were alive until a few hours before we steamed & olive-oiled them.
Nothing was wasted. Bounty was appreciated.
This photo is of the leftover racks of ribs.
The photographer didn’t waste time with the camera at first, he got elbow deep into the rack and luckily there was this much left to photograph as evidence of a wonderful afternoon.