We’ve been back and forth over this bridge so many times it’s become invisible.
We decided to look from a new perspective.
Keepin’ it fresh from under some bridge somewhere.
This weekend was the Solstice Full Moon and the extra high tide that comes with it.
Great for sunset kayaking, so we put in and allowed ourselves to get a bit lost in the creeks.
[note: this is a wide river in the photo, not a tidal creek]
Not a real problem, letting yourself get lost in a maze of meandering marsh passages, since we could always scoot over the tops of most Spartina / marsh grass in the extra high tide and make a break for a channel, then follow the tide home.
Going on the water at sunset provides beautifuly soft light but you must be ready with:
1/ flashlights (plural). 2/ reflective hat, vest. 3/ whistle.
New stand-alone rule: just don’t ever leave home without a whistle.
They’re great on keychains and you never know when you may want to toot your own whistle and direct traffic or just tweet to become the center of attention (again).